The New BMW iX

Experience the New BMW iX

At BMW of Williamsport, we take pride in the beautiful new vehicles we offer our customers. Whether you are looking for efficiency, luxury, or performance, a new BMW will bring it to the table with ease. You can find many exciting models here, so be sure to visit soon. One of the new vehicles that everyone should keep their eyes on is the BMW iX. This electric sports activity vehicle is going to blow you away. From performance to safety, the new BMW iX delivers in every category.

Unparalled Interior Comfort

One thing every Selinsgrove customer loves about a new BMW is the luxurious interior. That legacy is only aided by the cabin of this iX. There are many premium materials lining the seats and dash so that you feel the quality as soon as you sit. This is also another space for your personality to shine, thanks to the range of customizable interior choices.


The technology in this model does not stop at the impressive electric driving system. Bloomsburg customers can create the perfect cabin and drive feel with the My Modes Feature. You can stay connected throughout any long road trip, thanks to the smartphone integration. No matter where the road takes you, your favorite music or podcasts can come along.

The new BMW iX steps the innovation up even further with features like Intelligent Personal Assistant. Here, you can handle a range of controls through voice commands. This is just the start of the technology that can be found in this new BMW.


There is a myriad of smart sensors, cameras, and radars housed in the stunning kidney grille on the front of the vehicle. These features prove that BMW knows safety is one of the most essential aspects of any new vehicle. You can drive with confidence knowing this iX has your back at every turn.

Take the head-up display, for example. A leading cause of unsafe driving is getting distracted by media or navigation. This feature will project the information onto your windshield so that you never have to take your eyes off the road while commuting in Lewisburg, PA. BMW truly does it all with this new iX.

Bold Exterior Design

The new BMW iX is simply stunning from every angle. Throughout the body, you get the right combination of long lines and angled features. These assets come together to make a vehicle that is both elegant and sporty.

Not only is the exterior design beautiful, but it is highly functional as well. There is a drag-reducing rear diffuser found on the back of this model. That feature allows the new iX to be one of the most aerodynamic vehicles in the lineup. Customers will love that this BMW looks and feels fast while driving through Danville, PA.

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