BMW Hybrid Lineup

Unplug to Unleash

BMW Plug-InHybrid Models Offer New Transportation Solutions

Are you looking for a more sustainable transportation option? Would you like to save money and fuel and utilize resources you already have access to for automotive travel instead? BMW Hybrid models are offering innovative solutions for consumers who dare to go above and beyond the ordinary. Seeking to find additional fueling sources, BMW relies on Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle technology to help power specific vehicles' power models and rise above the competition.  With a focus on expanding its Hybrid model lineup year after year, BMW currently has five models that depend on this specific fueling source. The BMW X3, X5, 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series include a mixture of crossovers and sedans for consumers from Selinsgrove to Danville, PA to choose from.

The BMW X3 Hybrid

Affordable and spacious, this Plug-In Hybrid crossover offers a unique look and a sustainable source of power. With an exhilarating appearance and an electrified powertrain, the BMW X3 Hybrid is versatile and family-friendly. With many Plug-In Hybrids on the market that limit passenger space and streamline styling attributes, BMW goes above and beyond to offer you something different. As a dynamic SUV, the BMW X3 Hybrid has options for efficiency extensions that can help gain drivers a few miles in their local Lewisburg, PA commute.

The BMW X5 Hybrid

This top-of-the-line Hybrid option is both luxurious and spacious. Featuring the look of an SUV and the innovation of a concept vehicle, the BMW X5 Hybrid makes a difference in daily driving by taking a futuristic approach to help buyers conquer their lifestyle. Refined and poised, the BMW X5 Hybrid knows what it has to offer consumers, and it is not afraid to show it off. Powerful, stylish, and flexible are, in fact, some of this vehicle's quality attributes.

The BMW 3 Hybrid

The BMW 3 Hybrid model is not only the most affordable Plug-InHybrid model this automaker has to offer, but it will also provide buyers with potential tax credits to take advantage of. Specifically known as the BMW 300e Plug-InHybrid, this sedan is iconic with a long-standing history in this automaker's lineup in its fuel-driven version. A combustion engine that is powerful is the driving force behind this model, which is paired with an electric engine that enhances efficiency and performance ability. An all-electric range boasts maximum efficiency that users can take advantage of. Great for limited commuting and nearby traveling, the limited range of this model is useful but conservative.

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The BMW 5 Hybrid

Serving as an intermediate model between the BMW 3 Series Hybrid and the 7 Series Hybrid, the 5 Series provides a median model option that is balanced in both quality and affordability. In fact, the BMW 530e Plug-In Hybrid model is an executive sedan that keeps buyers aware and in charge of their driving experience. Pairing a powerful combustion engine with an electric-styled motor allows the BMW 5 Series Hybrid to generate power efficiently and quickly for drivers to utilize. Responsiveness and acceleration are touted as some of the best qualities of this model, and all-electric driving allows you to use this vehicle for running errands locally.

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The BMW 7 Series Hybrid

As BMW's most high-end Plug-In Hybrid, the BMW 745e xDrive Plug-InHybrid is everything you could want in a modernized vehicle, and more. A 6-cylinder combustion-based engine is paired with an electric motor that provides unprecedented power that is unlikely to be achieved through any competitor model. Close commuting and local trips can be made in style while maintaining sustainable efforts with this upscale Hybrid model. For those who will not settle for mediocre, the BMW 7 Hybrid goes above and beyond to provide a distinctive driving experience.

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