Getting to Know the SAVs BMW Offers

SAVs are becoming some of the most popular vehicles on the road due to their innate flexibility and capability. People are looking for a vehicle that can haul their friends and family around Bloomsburg, while also being able to fit any cargo they may have. BMW has noticed this trend and has bolstered its lineup of vehicles with innovative and dynamic SAVs.

Drive a new BMW X Model luxury SUV today here at BMW of Williamsport

Here at BMW of Williamsport, we curate a selection that provides drivers from to Bloomsburg with the full range of the BMW portfolio, from stately luxury sedans to agile and exciting new sports cars. However, if you come to our showroom in Muncy, you'll find that our new BMW X model luxury SUVs are some of the most numerous and popular options in our inventory. Prized for their versatility, athleticism, and immaculately crafted interiors, our new BMW X models are an absolute tour de force for discerning Pennsylvania drivers. And if you'd like to find out which one is right for you, we'd love the chance to give you some firsthand experience with these critically acclaimed models here at BMW of Williamsport.


As the entry point to the BMW SAV lineup, the BMW X1 is smaller than it siblings but never lacking in features or sophistication. In fact, it's compact stature works to its advantage on the busy streets of areas like Selinsgrove and Danville, PA, helping you to quickly navigate through heavy traffic, negotiate your way around cramped parking structures, and even squeeze into streetside parking spaces that larger luxury SUVs would have trouble with.


As a sports activity coupe, the new BMW X2 has a different silhouette than many other luxury SUVs you'll find around the greater Danville, PA area. However, with its coupe-like style, athletic engine options, and smart tech like the latest version of the BMW iDrive infotainment interface with Apple CarPlay and BMW Navigation, the new BMW X2 is well-equipped to be the perfect traveling companion for Bloomsburg, PA drivers who want more out of their next vehicle.


A small SAV with endless charisma, the new BMW X3 is designed to leave a lasting impression inside and out. Slip into the driver's seat and you'll be treated to SensaTec®-clad front sport seating and a large 12.3-inch central information display. And with three-zone automatic control on its standard equipment list, the new BMW X3 is an outstanding refuge from the elements in any season.


With an upgraded powertrain, the new BMW X3 M boasts up to 473 horsepower, giving it much more muscle than many small SUVs for sale near Williamsport. With that kind of power, this SAV can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.


With a sleek and muscular silhouette, the new BMW X4 is a Sports Activity Coupe without equal. Boasting a poised fastback design, an available sport automatic transmission, and the latest version of the LiveCockpit Professional instrumentation system, the new BMW X4 can confidently stand toe-to-toe with most sports cars and come out on top.


If you love the look of the BMW X4 but want something with a bit more brawn, the new BMW X4 M will be right up your alley. With a stout BMW TwinPower Turbo engine under the hood, the new BMW X4 M produces up to 473 horsepower, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.


The most popular new BMW SAV in our portfolio, the new BMW X5 is a great fit for daily commuters and small families alike. Boasting available mild hybrid technologies, the new BMW X5 balances its signature BMW performance with innate efficiency. And with a myriad of safety features like standard Active Blind Spot Detection, the new BMW X5 is more than well-equipped to keep you feeling secure on the busy roads of Selinsgrove, PA.


With up to 617 horsepower on demand, the new BMW X5 M delivers acceleration and athleticism to rival many sports cars on the market today.


As the largest Sports Activity Coupe in the BMW lineup, the new BMW X6 a high water mark for segment luxury. Boasting a standard panoramic moonroof, bold carbon fiber interior trim, and flashy wheels that range up to 22-inches in diameter, the new BMW X6 is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to ride along with you.


A monument to the performance prowess of BMW M Sport, the new BMW X6 M boasts a staggering 600 horsepower on demand. With that kind of muscle, the new BMW X6 M can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.


If you need a BMW SAV with more room for your growing family, the new BMW X7 is far and away the best option for you. Offering seating for up to seven and pleasant road manners, the new BMW X7 will exceed your every expectation.


The first all-electric entry into the BMW SAV lineup, the new BMW iX delivers up to 324 miles of zero-emissions driving range, making it ideal for luxury car shoppers who want a more eco-friendly way to get around.

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If so, you owe yourself a visit to our new BMW showroom here in Muncy, PA. At BMW of Williamsport, we have all the latest BMW X model trims for you to test drive. Better still, you can get started on your new BMW X Model leasing or financing deal from home by applying for financing from our website and getting an estimate on your current car's trade-in value. In doing so, you'll shave significant time off your next visit to our Muncy, PA showroom and free yourself up to get right down to test driving the models that interest you most.