With so many responsibilities to handle with family and work, it may be tempting to forgo needed car maintenance right now. But these can compromise the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Missed services and repairs can also lead to further problems in the future. Fortunately, our pick-up and delivery service at BMW of Williamsport in Muncy are here to make your situation much easier.

If you are in our service area, someone from our service team will gladly retrieve the vehicle from your home or office. After we have thoroughly inspected it and made the necessary repairs, we will return your vehicle to you. Here are the reasons you should give this service.


Your time is precious, and you should spend it doing the things that mean the most to Lewisburg, PA drivers. Our BMW dealership has adopted this service so that BMW ownership is much easier. While you carry on with your day, you have peace of mind knowing your car is being serviced by technicians that best understand it. Our service team takes on standard maintenance issues like rotating tires, replacing filters, changing the oil, and much more. Also, they will handle major services such as work to the transmission, alternator, and engine.


You probably put a lot of energy into keeping the vehicles of Danville, PA drivers clean on the inside and out. We understand the importance of keeping it that way. At our BMW dealership, we take every precaution to disinfect the vehicles we work with. During the time that your vehicle is in our possession, you can be certain that our service technicians are practicing the latest methods to ensure your vehicle is properly sanitized. Even further, we ensured that our tools and service areas are also cleaned and disinfected for additional protection.

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Now that you see the benefits that come with the pick-up and delivery service, please reach out to us at our Selinsgrove area service center at the first chance you get. One of our associates will gather the necessary details to set an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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